background and values

What is Connect?

Connect is a national charity. Our vision is a world where communication disability is not a barrier to opportunity and fulfilment.

We work with people with communication disability to find new ways of 'talking' and new ways of living.

Connect believes the best way to support people living with communication disability is through an integrated programme of therapy, education and research.

What does Connect do?

Connect provides therapy services to people with aphasia and their relatives.

We also offer education and training.

Sometimes this is for people who live with communication disability and their families. We also provide training for health and social care workers, such as therapists, medical staff, volunteers and care workers. Ultimately we hope to offer training to any group or individual wishing to gain a better understanding of communication disability.

Connect carries out research to help others understand what it is like to have a communication disability. Our research also helps to develop and improve therapy services for people with communication disability.

What inspired the setting up of Connect?

Connect is building on work begun at the City Dysphasic Group at City University, London. The City Dysphasic Group (CDG) has worked for many years with people living with communication disabilities after stroke. It has pioneered new therapies for living with aphasia.

Although based at City University, CDG has always been funded from independent charitable sources. In 1999 we found a major sponsor to help CDG develop and expand. CDG became an independent charity Connect and moved into a building in Southwark.
Find out more about the London Centre in Southwark.

The building is the first Connect Centre and the national headquarters for the Connect network. Connect provides more therapy, more education and more research here. The grant will also help Connect to set up other Connect centres and services around the UK.

Why have we set up Connect?

We listened to many people with communication disability and their families. They told us about the difficulties they face in their everyday lives learning to communicate, finding work and leisure, feeling confident, getting information, relationships with familiy and friends, learning to cope with communication disability, telling other people about aphasia and disability& Often it is hard to get therapy and education to help tackle these problems.

At Connect we feel it is important for people to have the possibility of long term therapy and support. We develop therapies which are practical, creative and long term. We have experience, confidence and lots of ideas. We listen to other people who receive and offer services and work with all these people to develop effective and lasting services.


Connect values how Connect works

We believe people deserve a very high quality service. In order to do this we have set out a list of standards and principles. These are our values. Connect will try to live up to these standards in everything we do. Our values are the foundation stones of how we want our organisation to work.

They should guide the way we work, the way we communicate with people, the way our building looks, the way we develop our services. We are telling people about our values so that everyone can help us to do our job well. We also want people to tell us if we are not living up to our values.

To see Connect's values, click here.