Aphasia Inside Out
Susie Parr, Judy Duchan, Carole Pound (Editors)
McGraw-Hill Education

This innovative new book brings together a number of different perspectives on aphasia, a communication impairment that can follow stroke. Contributors include people with personal experience of aphasia, as well as therapists, counsellors, educationalists, linguists and researchers who address issues of living with aphasia in their work. Whatever their perspective, whether personal, theoretical or professional, contributors reflect on and explore aspects of living with aphasia that have little place in conventional academic discourse. Accordingly, the chapters cover a range of issues, for example aphasia and the Internet, time and poetry. The diverse contributions are drawn together by an introductory chapter and a linking commentary.

Aphasia Inside Out suggests new ways of thinking about aphasia, offers insights into the nature of the disabling barriers faced, and explores some creative possibilities open to people who live with communication disability. It will be a valuable resource for any professional or layperson who encounters aphasia in the course of daily life.


Doors and windows
Routes to engagement
Doing less, being more
Counselling and aphasia
A time of transition
Changing places
Reflections of therapists and group members on the power and potential of groups
Still life of a chameleon
Aphasia and its impact on identity
Time please! Temporal barriers in aphasia
'Cebrelating' aphasia and poetry
Celebrating the difference and diversity
Do I have green hair?'Conversations'in aphasia therapy
The Internet and aphasia
Crossing the digital divide
Talking to ourselves
Dialogues in and out of language
Aphasia centres and community
More than just the sum of parts
Directions without words

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ISBN 0335211445

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