What has Connect done so far in the South West?

Since 2002 we have been working with a Planning Group of people with aphasia and some relatives to shape Connect's plans in the South West. We have also had a lot of help from a group of healthcare professionals and voluntary sector organisations based in Bristol and the South West. We are very grateful to all of these people for their time, energy and ideas in developing the plans and supporting all the activities so far in the South West.

Consultation events
In 2002-3 we asked people living with stroke and aphasia about services for themselves and their friends and families. We asked them:

  • What they liked
  • What they didn't like
  • What was missing

We asked the same questions to the health and social care workers who plan and provide stroke and aphasia services. Here's what they all said :

  • Health and social care staff need to know more about how to deal with aphasia
  • Services need to be long term and flexible
  • People have different perspectives and priorities at different times
  • Getting information can be a nightmare
  • Everyone needs to raise the profile of stroke and aphasia

Connect has been working with the Planning Group and health and social care workers to think about different ways to address these needs.

Connect for a day events
In 2003 - 4 we set up and ran a series of Connect for a day roadshows to start meeting some of these needs. Connect for a day events are one off days which enable people living with aphasia to get together, share ideas and information, pick up new tips and ideas for life with aphasia. With the Planning Group we developed days about conversations, days about supporting families, days about computers and creative arts and days about moving on with life after aphasia. We ran the days in Bristol, Gloucester, Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall. More than 300 people came to the days. We hope to run more of these in the future. To see new Connect for a day events in the South West click here.

Training health and social care workers
Connect has run 2 conferences in Bristol for people who provide stroke services. One was about including people with aphasia in developing and delivering services. The second conference was about Families and how to support them when someone in the family has stroke and aphasia. These events, as well as a range of training courses which we will be running at different South West locations help stroke service providers to think about new ways to work with people with aphasia and their families. For more information about our training events click here.

In 2005 we trained a team of people with aphasia as communication skills trainers in Bristol. The Feedback Project trained people with aphasia to give feedback to health and social care workers about ways to have better conversations with people with aphasia and really listen to what people experience and what people want. The Feedback trainers are now helping stroke teams, stroke service co-ordinators and local voluntary sector groups to improve their communication skills and make sure people with aphasia get a better deal from services. The Feedback team will help us train more people with aphasia as communication skills trainers as time goes on.

T o find out more about ways people with aphasia can help develop services in the south west contact Carole Pound or Tom Penman at Connect.



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