What people say about us

Clients and relatives

Working in the group made me think about myself and my life. I really feel a lot happier& more content now. Even than before my stroke. It's taken a long time
Tom, self advocacy group

I can honestly say its changed our lives. It's given Peter hope and a focus and somewhere to go instead of feeling useless at home. He gets up and gets ready like hes going to work again. Hes exhausted when he comes home but its made his life and mine so much easier. We dont argue so much, were starting to lead our own lives again
Jean, relative

Me& stroke and& (indicates very small and hunched person) and me now& cor blimey, now (sits up and makes sweeping gesture)
John, therapy groups

Is relaxed& is chatty& as in our group& at first maybe a little worried, shy& but now everyone is "I think this&" Is laughing and confidence.
Debbie, conversation group facilitator

For me, the counselling& its the first time to just& to be with someone who really understands& cos the rest of the time youre just trying, trying, trying so hard& but with Harry [Connect counsellor] it's very different. Can just be myself.
Dawn, client

Joe loves it here. He would come every day if he could. It makes him very proud and confident. And that makes me happy too.
Ella, relative

After the first session (Relatives Group) it was just like this huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. And Ive still got that feeling now& and cos Im happier, Sams happier too& now were a couple again& My sister said to me youve got that old sparkle back in your eyes.
June, relative

Speech and language therapists

[the study day] was very good indeed& clinicians here are either not old enough, experienced enough or mature enough to be all that comfortable teaching people about lifestyles, or they are driven by outcome measures or restoration of function so are more interested in activity-based therapy very refreshing to hear people resounding wisdom.
Participant at study day in Australia

Thought provoking, stimulating and jam-packed with ideas. I feel inspired to re-think service delivery with my colleagues and really try to make a difference in their lives, not just in the clinic.
Participant at study day


'Since coming on the course and visiting the centre my practice has completely changed, in fact the way our groups operate now is totally different - it's been a revelation.'
Dysphasic support organiser

'The training day was excellent, inspiring and entertaining. The feedback from my volunteers has been extremely positive. I myself feel more confident and empowered to support the volunteers in moving forward and really making a difference.'
Dysphasic support organiser

'The best training day I've ever been to - lively, stimulating and relevant. I've come away inspired to develop my skills as a conversation partner.'


'Thanks for teaching us so much on this placement. It's been hard work but now we almost feel ready for the real world of speech and language therapy.'

Theres a tangible difference in the way you work with the clients here compared with most other settings. You can see how much the clients and their relatives respond to that. We feel our contributions are valued and respected too.

Other health and social care workers

Thank you so much for providing us [Rehabilitation Centre Staff] with two extremely stimulating and challenging days. You have certainly provoked a lot of discussion within the Centre& The next few months will be a real journey for all of us& Many thanks for being such an inspiration.
Feedback from Disability Equality training days

'Thanks for your help and all the information we do quite well with some groups of disabled people but when people have a communication disability it's hard to know how to support them properly'
Computer training tutor

NHS managers

I feel really proud that we have speech and language therapists like yourselves in our profession, all your hard work, research and training partnerships with NHS therapists has been invaluable to this disadvantaged group Feedback from SLT service manager on hearing news about Connect setting up

Experts in communication disability

'What has been particularly remarkable about their programme of work [Sally Byng and Carole Pound], is the ability to bring scientific rigour without losing the central compassion and caring component of rehabilitation. Unfortunately the majority of academic institutions have one and clinical institutions have the other. Bringing together the scientific investication along with appropriate holistic care is required if we are going to tackle the devastating and long-lasting results of aphasia in a truly appropriate and effective manner'
Professor Pam Enderby
Chair of Community Rehabilitation, Sheffield University

'Their approach to aphasia management is cutting edge &the project is well conceived and will undoubtedly serve as a model for others around the globe'
Professor Nina Simmons
Mackie Southeastern Louisiana University, USA

'&few American foundations understand the extent and complexity of aphasia, the plight of aphasic people and their families& it is truly wonderful to think that this model might really happen somewhere in the English speaking world'
Professor Audrey Holland
University of Arizona

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