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The Connect website was revamped in October 2006. This is so that it reflects better the activities of our organisation. The aim of this website is to provide comprehensive and accurate information about our charitable activities.

We hope that this information will be useful to the health, social care and other providers who offer services and opportunities for people living with aphasia, as well as to people with aphasia, their families and friends.

We aim to make the information on our website as clear and accessible as we can. However this website has not been designed to be as aphasia-friendly as many of our publications and activities. This is a decision that was taken after much careful consideration. It is also a policy that we will continue to review in line with our other website: which was developed to specifically meet the needs of people with aphasia.

There are several ways in which you can use this site more easily if you are struggling to use a mouse or read the text:

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Access keys help you to move round the website more quickly.  Most browsers support the use of access keys. They allow you to jump to specific links on a page by pressing different keys together. In Windows, you can use access keys by pressing ALT + an access key. On a Macintosh, you can use Control + an access key.

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The sitemap lists all the pages of the site, so you can use this to find pages which interest you.

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Some of the information on this website is also available to download and view using Adobe Acrobat. Use the link to obtain your free Adobe Acrobat Viewer.

We welcome feedback, ideas and suggestions about how we can improve our website. Please email [email protected]

We welcome feedback, ideas and suggestions about how we can improve our website. Please email [email protected]