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Aphasia awareness

250,000 people in the UK have aphasia, and yet many people have never heard of it. Connect is committed to raising awareness about aphasia, so more people can understand how it affects people's lives.

Please help us spread the word about aphasia, so people know what it is and what to do when they encounter it.


Gerald Hartup in the South London Press

5 simple ways you can spread the word

1. Tell people about aphasia, what it is and what to do when you encounter it.

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2. Tell people about Connect and what a difference we make. Share the link to our DVDs so people can see what people with aphasia say about us.

3. Encourage people with aphasia to sign up for our newsletter

4. Join us on Facebook and Twitter

5. Help us raise funds so we can do more!

Fundraising for Connect helps us reach more people with aphasia who need us. It also spreads the word about aphasia and what Connect does to a whole new audience. For ideas and information on how you can raise funds for Connect see How to help.

Sharon Smith talks about aphasia on BBC Radio Four Woman's Hour

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Lynda Bellingham

Lynda Bellingham supports raising awareness about aphasia. 'Connect offers a special lifeline' says Lynda.

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Article about aphasia in South London Press (2479 kb)