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Aphasia Hubs

Our new ‘Aphasia Hubs’ are a unique way for people with aphasia to influence and shape services and to raise awareness of aphasia.


Gerald Hartup, Sonia Parsons, Tony D'Souza and Sharon Smith at a South East London Aphasia Hub meeting

An 'Aphasia Hub' is a group of people with aphasia who meet locally to influence two kinds of services for people with aphasia:

  • Services designed for people with aphasia
  • Services in the wider world such as benefits, health provision, transport,leisure activities and more!

A key part of their work is raising awareness of aphasia.

Our ambitions for Aphasia Hubs

We plan to have Hubs in every region. But we are starting with three regions. Our first ‘Aphasia Hubs’ are already set up in Cornwall and London. We will also have an ‘Aphasia Hub’  in the North East of England.

The Hubs are also a way for people with aphasia to offer suggestions about  how Connect can make the greatest impact.

Connect supports the groups and give advice and training. You do not need special skills to be in a Hub but all the members share a passion for improving services for people with aphasia.

To find out more about 'Aphasia Hubs' contact Alan Hewitt on 020 7367 0845 or email [email protected]

Nigel's story

Nigel Stephens, Hub member, Cornwall

'After I had my stroke life was so frustrating. I couldn't get money from the cash machine or understand prices or bus timetables. But what really hurt was when people I knew looked the other way rather than try to talk to me.

At Connect, I joined the 'Aphasia Hub', working with service providers to develop services which people with aphasia need and want. It became, for me, a life-line.'