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Aphasia Ambassadors

People with aphasia are volunteering to help Connect raise awareness and teach others about living with aphasia.

We can all imagine what it is like to live with aphasia but no one understands it more than a person who is living with it. That’s why a group of people are helping Connect tell the world about aphasia by becoming “Aphasia Ambassadors”.

What is involved?
The ambassador's role is to:

  • be on an “expert panel” at a training event
  • speak at a fundraising function
  • be part of an awareness-raising campaign
  • speak to a journalist about living with aphasia.

Every Ambassador receives training, advice and support. Justine helped Connect by speaking at a fundraising event. By explaining about aphasia, people like Justine help others to have a better experience of living with aphasia. To see Justine in action - see below:

Justine Everson, an aphasia ambassador