Tony Moor

Tony had a stroke in 1997. He has been unable to use his speech to communicate since that time. Using gesture, mime, writing and a portfolio of biographical information he tells others about his very full life before the stroke. Describing the six months after the stroke he gestures a small and isolated man. He mimes someone who is downcast and depressed.

Tony writes some words to describe his turning point. He and his wife started to see the counsellor at Connect. Shortly after, he started coming two days a week to the therapy groups. Now he mimes a big personality who laughs and tells jokes. Asked what he likes about Connect, Tony indicates the new friends he has made and a new opportunity to help other people. Before he was a manager of colleagues and the President of the Portuguese Club. Now he is a leader and decision maker and communicator in the therapy groups. Tony indicates his distress that he still cannot speak but his happiness that he is finding his old personality again.


Tony spoke five languages before his stroke. He has lived in Switzerland, Portugal, Brazil, France and England, at one point fleeing from Portugal as a political refugee. For many years he worked as a hospital theatre manager. He has been married to his wife Nanda, for over 50 years.