Monica Philips

Monica had a stroke five years ago. Unable to continue with her voluntary work and get out as much as before she suddenly felt cut off from people and life. For a short while Monica came to the twice weekly therapy groups to work on developing communication skills and confidence.

Since leaving the therapy groups Monica has been a regular at the Tuesday Conversation Group. Here, she has made new friends and found opportunities to continue to have conversations about the many things in life which interest her.

Reflecting on why she comes to the group Monica says:

well its so nice& its such nice friends and things& I cant really& I cant think of& sort of& (taps forehead)& a sort of a brainy reason.

Recent topics for discussion have included: global warming, genetically modified foods, gardening, superstitions and politics and current affairs. Along with many of the other people who come to the Conversation Group, Monica seems to find the topics both stimulating and entertaining:

Yes its quite excitable isnt it& somebody gets quite& some- something thats happened thats being discussed by everyone& you know weve had some quite& interesting subjects, havent we?& um& yes, one gets genuinely quite excited& you know what I mean& whatever its about.


Monica (left) with Gwen Knight, a volunteer who works with the Conversation Group

Gwen has her own thoughts about the benefits of the conversation group: I think its fantastic. I always come into the group or rather, go away from the group having felt very stimulated by whats happened& I think its fantastic&