John Wharton

Living with aphasia

John describes his stroke and its consequences like this:

My brain went softly bang& nothing& something& nothing. Wake. Lying. A nurse sat me up. Spoke but no one could understand my English. At some time my son Paul came. Paul could not understand my English. Television I understood and I understood English! But I could not understand& simple things. I did not know my name and know other names, my sons, my best friend and others.

Since "the brain" I am different. Cannot read or write, but I can understand simple, single words. Cannot speak or say like I could. Many things I can understand now. Need simple sentences when I listen or read.

Films not good most is not good to understand. Animals are okay! Seeing, speaking, acting not any more. Cameras, computers not as they were. My memory is not very good. Most of the brain is missing. Many things in my brain in my mind that I cannot speak or draw, but I cannot get out.

Therapy and making new connections

Connect has and is my life. Two days a week make me better. Year and a half were excellent in making me alive and went on, on, on&

Professions, the friends and one chap are excellent. Learning people are from very good to not good and occasionally not very good.

At the London Centre& it will be marvellous.


John had a stroke on 15 July 1995. In his working life he had been a writer, journalist manager and educator. In his private life he enjoyed acting, directing and entertaining others with his witty stories and jokes.