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Making Communication Access a Reality (2-day course)

Does your team worry about their skills when working with people with communication disability? (2-day course)

About the training and the toolkit

This tools-and-training is about communication access. Everyone knows what practical adaptations are needed to overcome physical access.   But what if someone has a communication disability?  Is your service equipped to meet their needs?  This comprehensive package addresses issues experienced by people who have a communication disability.

The training

We offer a practical two day course.  On day one, you gain the skills and confidence to improve key aspects of your service including documents, environments and interactions.  On day two, you learn how to transfer these skills to inspire the rest of your team to improve their communication skills and take communication access seriously.  So from the most senior to the least qualified, everyone will understand communication access and know how to make a difference.

The toolkit

We give you a comprehensive toolkit to take away so that you can cascade the training in your setting.  It includes a DVD of video clips, a training manual (one for you and one for the people you train), and a CD of template documents and presentations – all pre-prepared for you to deliver your training effectively.

The toolkit will not just improve your skills but it will also enable you to make a positive impact on your whole service It will give you everything you need to make communication access a reality in your workplace, and so you can comply
with current policy and legislation including the disability discrimination act and the stroke strategy.

The toolkit has been extensively researched and developed in collaboration with people with stroke and aphasia and piloted with a range of service providers.

Who is the course for?

Managers, trainers and inspired individuals within all health, social care or voluntary services who want to make communication access a reality in their setting.

What will you get out of the course?

  • You will have increased knowledge of access issues and challenges faced by people with a range of communication disabilities
  • You will gain practical skills to improve your service documents, environments and interactions, so that people with communication disabilities can play an equal part in decisions that concern them
  • You will gain tools and techniques to train and inspire others to improve their communication skills
  • You will feel confident that you can help your service comply more fully with The Disability Discrimination Act

What people have said about this course

'Hope to see a ripple effect hospital-wide'
'I can't wait to get the message out!'
'I feel thoroughly empowered and supported'
'Excellent, useful, down-to-earth and practical'
'Easy-to-follow, organised, thoughtfully arranged'
'Clear and perfectly pitched'

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Making Communication Access a Reality (41 kb)

Quick info

02 February 2010

10.00am - 4.30pm (registration from 9.30am)

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Connect, 16-18 Marshalsea Road, London SE1 1HL

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Royal College of Physicians accredited for 5 or 6 CPD credits

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