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Meet Connect volunteers

Sue Strachan

I have been a volunteer at Connect since 2004.  In that time I have put together delegate packs, filed and archived papers, promoted and sold Christmas cards, made tea and coffee for course members, typed up course evaluation sheets, helped out on events for people with aphasia, unblocked a sink, helped on reception, fathomed the vagaries of the photocopier, taken parcels to the post office, researched a good (and cheap) supplier for carrier bags and all sorts of other tasks. It is never dull!!!

I started coming to Connect with my friend Catriona when she came to Connect for the first time. Catriona had a stroke and now lives with aphasia. It occurred to me that while I waited for Catriona I could be doing something useful - and believe me there is always something to be done. Administration is what keeps the organisation functioning but is the hardest thing to put at the top of the pile in a busy national charity. So volunteers are crucial. For me it has fulfilled an ambition to do 'worthwhile' work  and has made me lots of new friends. In fact, I have since extended my involvement even more and have become a trustee of the organisation.

The team at Connect are a hard working, welcoming and grateful crowd to work with. So, if you have some time and some basic administration skills please do contact Connect – I can highly recommend it!

To find out more about volunteering at Connect, contact Teresa Regan 020 7367 0876 or email [email protected]

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"V is for Volunteer and Variety" says Sue Strachan one of Connect's volunteers