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Meet Connect volunteers

Catherine Wood

I've been volunteering with Connect for about three years now and have taken part in lots of different groups and project work. I started as a Conversation Partner offering one to one conversation. This was part of a project which aimed to look at a way of providing a service to those people who are unable to access regular therapy or services. 

I had to visit a lady, in her home, who had very little speech. This was a real learning experience for me as I had to work out lots of different ways to communicate. It gave me the opportunity to be quite creative with ideas but also to learn how to listen and allow people time to get their message across. This stood me in good stead with the group work I've been involved in since then.

I've learnt a great deal and have thoroughly enjoyed working with all the people at Connect. I have used a lot of my experience working with a local rehabilitation unit and a local support group. My original intention in getting involved was to consider training as a Speech & language therapist but I've found that the area I'm most interested in is that of conversation and I've decided to stick to that and see where that might lead me to in the future.

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