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Corporate support

Support from your company can be transformational.  It can catalyse huge changes and make a tremendous impact for people living with aphasia.

Connect's work has a national reach and strong reputation amongst health and social care workers.  Connect has the energy and resources to work closely with you to develop a programme which is mutually beneficial.

Share your thoughts and ideas with us.  We are confident that a partnership with your company has the potential to make an enormous difference to Connect and to people living with stroke and aphasia.

These are some of the ways your company can work with Connect:

Contact us to find out more about working with Connect

Tristan Paton
Connect - the communication disability network
16-18 Marshalsea Road
London SE1 1HL

020 7367 0851

[email protected]

Understanding your needs

We understand that your company has its own individual needs, objectives, budgets and audiences to target. We will work hard with you in order to understand your business needs and develop a partnership to achieve them.