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David Robins Get Connected Walk

6 May 2008. Day 6

Thinking about communication.....

David at the battlefield of Edgehill

Another warm day which began at Farthingstowe at about 8.30am.  A pleasant leg of my journey, through field after field, farmland and passing many grand stately homes – the legacy of the landed gentry of this part of the world – Farnborough Hall and Canons Ashby to name a few. Passed over the 'Grand Central line' not the one I am used to in London – sadly no longer in use.  Had a pleasant and much-needed lunchtime break at Chipping Warden before heading off towards Edgehill and the famous battlefield and a pleasant overnight stay at the Castle Inn.

Having so much solitary thinking time has allowed me to reflect on how lucky I am to be able to walk along these rough paths, up and down field and over rickety stiles and also to dwell on why I am undertaking this walk. So many people with aphasia, like my friend Robert, have to deal with physical disability as well as their 'invisible' disability – a real challenge, not just for themselves but for family and carers.

Again, it's made me aware how, for example, we all take communication for granted - the ability to pass the time of day with the pub landlord as I pass through or fellow walkers I meet en route. But when I meet people with aphasia I am often struck by their extraordinary ability to use different ways to communicate and the way they manage their disability. Of course not everyone has the skills and motivation to do this on their own; support, encouragement and inspiration is required – which is where Connect comes in and why I'm motivated to keep fundraising for them.

Passing by Canons Ashbury House