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David Robins Get Connected Walk

17 May 2008. Day 17

Wootton Courtenay to Challacombe

The highest (and dampest) point of the walk, Dunkery Beacon at 1707 feet above sea level.

Today, Peter, Sue and I reached the highest point of the walk so far - Dunkery Beacon (1707 feet above sea level). We could only imagine the splendid views to the sea at Porlock Bay, I'm told you can even see as far as Wales on a good day. I feel sorry that the 35+ miles which I have walked with my loyal companions have been marred by the poor conditions - but I guess I would have been lucky to walk over two weeks in a British summer without some break in the weather.

We were all looking forward to a hot shower at our resting point for the night - Twichen Farm - but dismayed to find it was at the end of an uphill path of at least a mile. It was worth the walk - a fantastic skate wing supper awaited and at long last some proper home-cooked vegetables, something that I have missed greatly over the past couple of weeks. Not long to go now and some better weather is promised for tomorrow.