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David Robins Get Connected Walk

18 May 2008. Day 18

The end is in sight.....

David Robins with Carole Pound, Connect's Director of Innovation

As luck would have it today is the day I say goodbye to Peter and Sue Moon who have been with me for the last couple of days – and would you believe it the weather is now brightening up and it's a pleasant walking climate again. Part of the day was spent walking adjacent to the River Exe and then along the part of the 'Tarka Trail' but no otters to be seen.

I passed the 'Chains Barrow' a bronze age mound just 109 feet lower than Dunkery Beacon and then on to the road which is oddly named Mole's Chamber. The countryside here is very beautiful with pleasant woodlands, streams and rolling hills all bordering the Exmoor National Park.

Lunch was in a field just outside Gunn. It was a hot day and knowing that my time for sampling the local brew is running out I indulged in a quick pint in the Ring of Bells at Landkey and another at the Chichester Arms in Bishop's Tawnton.

At last I can see the River Taw and I enter the town of Barnstaple along its west bank. I can see my final resting point of the Imperial Hotel on the far side and as I cross the bridge by the museum it is good to see a welcome crowd to greet me - people with aphasia and their relatives and people from Connect.

(Left to right) Robin Lamerton, David Robins, Jenny Gorvett, Eddie Scott, Diane (Mickey) Muir, Vicky Allebone and Carole Pound.

I'm delighted to be finished at last and whilst the weather was unpredictable, I have enjoyed it immensely and it was a real pleasure to pass through some really beautiful parts of the country. Most of all, it has made me reflect on how fortunate I am to be able to take part in such a challenge - which was more than enough motivation to raise a really good sum for Connect.

The next day I was delighted to join a 'Connect for a Day' at the local 'Roundswell Community Centre'. This was a day for people with aphasia and their relatives and really brought home to me the incredible  impact aphasia can have on a person and their families and relatives. The day was about giving 'Ideas and Inspirations' to people with aphasia about how they can re-engage with life again, suggestions for activities and for how to overcome the challenges presented by those ordinary day-to-day things we take for granted – travelling, joining in and taking part.

Afterwards one lady said 'this day has given us hope, encouragement and enthusiasm'. That's how Connect can make a difference – if Connect can make a difference to one family then that is what can be done across the UK. Please help them to do that by sponsoring my walk and maybe even think of undertaking your own personal challenge.....!


The Mayor of Barnstaple greets David at the end of the walk

'David is to be congratulated on this magnificent achievement, not only to raise funds for this innovative charity but to raise awareness of the impact of aphasia on everyone - the person with aphasia, family and friends'.
Sue Hayward, The Mayor of Barnstaple

Talking to the group about my walk and raising awareness of aphasia

David meets people with aphasia

ITV West Country came to the event. Carole Pound, spokesperson for the Aphasia Alliance talks about the importance of raising awareness of aphasia.

Eddie Scott talks about his experience of aphasia