What do people think about connect training?

Our courses are making a difference to a wide range of people working in stroke services. Click here for a list of those who have benefited from Connect training.

Feedback from Enhance Your Skills courses
"That was by far the most interesting and enjoyable course I've ever been on in my life." Occupational Therapist

"Excellent speakers, excellent advice and answers to questions. Very practical to apply to clients."
Speech and Language Therapist

"Very positive and full of skills I can use in the future."
Staff nurse

"Brilliant - insightful and very helpful!" Rehabiliation Assistant

Feedback from Enhance Your Skills And Service courses
"Outlook broadening…theory and practice based…motivating… shows a way forward with practical ideas."
Social Worker

"Inspiring, thought provoking and practical."
Speech and Language Therapist

"Ensured some lateral thinking and a more 'person' centred approach to clients/service users."
Occupational Therapist

"Practical ideas about changing the way we see/act towards/talk about disability."
Clinical Ward Manager

"Made me look sideways at what we were doing."

"Very informative, very useful."


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