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Frequently asked questions

Spanish Vista Trek

How fit do I need to be?

You should have a basic level of fitness which will allow you to be trekking for about 6 – 7 hours each day over 3 days. Please read the itinerary carefully to make sure you know what it entails. Appreciating that it is virtually impossible for anyone to train at altitude in the UK, it means that you will have to concentrate on building up your stamina in order to be trekking for several hours at a time. There is no substitute for training time with your boots on! There is a Training Programme available for you to follow. There will be stops for lunch, drinks, photographs, etc.

What if I am not fit enough to keep up?

We will split people up into smaller groups of similar fitness levels so that everyone is walking with a group of a similar standard. There will therefore be faster and slower groups. There will be qualified guides and the Tall Stories organiser who will be able to take care of you and encourage you to get to your next destination.
What equipment will I need? You will need a comfortable back pack with wide, cushioned, shoulder straps and a waist strap to put all your gear in that you will be carrying each day and a separate hold or case all for your luggage to be separately transported. You will also need a light waterproof/windproof top.

What will I need to carry each day?

Each day you will need to carry your sun tan lotion, water, camera, a light top and your packed lunch, money, etc. Your other luggage will be transported separately to your evenings hotel.

What is the accommodation like?

Each night will be spent in very comfortable one or 2 star hotels often with a swimming pool. The rooms will be twins or doubles unless you specifically ask for a triple. If you are travelling on your own, we will pair you up with a person of a similar age and the same sex. You may like to take ear-plugs to counteract the affect of snorers.

What are the other participants like?

All participants are united by a common cause: they are like minded people who have chosen to give up their personal time to fund raise, train and to go on a unique event which will benefit others.

What will the weather be like?

This event is based between 600m - 1600m so you should have warm days and slightly cooler evenings. There is only a small chance of rain. Temperatures can range from mid 20°c to mid 30°c.

Can you cater for disabilities?

If you have a note from your doctor that states you are fit and able to do this event, then we will welcome you on the event.

Who will be looking after me on the event?

The guides on the event are all local, English speaking, qualified and first aid trained. There will be at least one Spanish speaking, first aid qualified, Tall Stories organiser.

Can I extend my stay?

Yes, but …If you decide to extend your stay you will forfeit your return journey on the flight and will have to purchase another flight ticket at your expense. Tall Stories unfortunately cannot help you with accommodation for your extension. We will expect to take you back to the airport at the end of the trip. If you are extending your trip, please advise us of this.

How do the finances work?

You will need to pay the cost of the event, £639, directly to us. This is due in two instalments. The first is a £100 non-refundable deposit with your registration form when you sign up for the trip. The second is the final balance of £539 due 10 weeks before departure.

For the sponsorship, all monies raised should be sent directly to the charity of your choice. 80% (£1250 minus £639 = £611) i.e. £489, of the remainder should be sent to Connect no less than 12 weeks before departure. The 20% balance (£122) plus any other sponsorship monies raised over the minimum recommended is due 2 weeks after your return from the trip.

How is my money spent?

The cost of your trip is, as stated on your itinerary, £639. Every pound over the minimum sponsorship you raise will go directly to Connect.

What are your top tips for this trip?

There is no replacement for training. The more you train the more you will enjoy the trip. Do your body a favour by building up to distances which will increase your stamina and muscle strength and wearing in your boots. Trimmed toe nails will keep your feet more comfortable especially on the down hills. Consider buying/borrowing walking poles which are said to absorb 30% of the impact of walking, per stick. If you are going to spend money on clothing buy a technical breathable waterproof jacket that will last you for years.

What is included in the price?

4 nights accommodation, full board from lunch the day you arrive to breakfast the day you leave, return flights from a London airport, airport transfers, guides, Tall Stories on the ground event organiser.

What is not included?

Drinks with your meals, travel insurance.

For more information about the Spanish Vista Trek please email [email protected]