who we train & inform

We offer information days, study days and workshops for people with communication disability, their families and friends.

We train speech & language therapy students this involves giving lectures and also developing their practical skills while they work at Connect.

We offer courses for speech & language therapists, health and social care workers (e.g. other therapists, social workers, home care workers).

We train volunteers and other workers who meet and support people with communication disability.

We develop training programmes and useful resources for other public service providers who come into contact with people with communication disability (e.g. adult education services, Citizens Advice Bureaux, libraries).

We provide information about communication disability in many different forms to help raise awareness wherever we can.


Find out about forthcoming events at Connects London Centre and elsewhere.

In the future we plan to develop courses and provide consultancy services to any group or individual wishing to gain a better understanding of communication disability. Click here to get in touch.