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A 'Hub' is the name for a group of people with aphasia who play a strong role in advocacy, networking and campaigning about aphasia.

Hub members are encouraged to think creatively about their role as leaders, role models and agents for change.  Most importantly, they learn how to solve problems and form decisions that benefit others with aphasia.

Hubs were originally devised by people with aphasia in the Access to Life Project in Cornwall but will be on offer to people at our London centre in 2010. If you would like to find out more please contact Sally McVicker or telephone 020 7367 0862. 

Nigel's story

Nigel Stephens, Hub member, Cornwall

'After I had my stroke life was so frustrating. I couldn't get money from the cash machine or understand prices or bus timetables. But what really hurt was when people I knew looked the other way rather than try to talk to me.

At Connect, I joined the 'Hub', working with service providers to develop services which people with aphasia need and want. It became, for me, a life-line.'