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This aphasia-led project is about developing ways for people with aphasia to become 'active citizens'.

The Project Lead is a person with aphasia, and the Advisory Group is formed of people with aphasia. 

They have been working together to develop and carry out self care activities that are low cost, long term and self sustaining. The three activities they have done so far are -

  • Drop-in – a place where any person with aphasia can drop in to Connect every Thursday and meet old, and new, friends and confront the issues they face
  • Connect-ed Aphasia News – a quarterly newsletter produced solely by an Editorial Group of people with aphasia. It is on-line, and you can hear it. Click the Aphasia News button on the right hand side.
  • Out and about – people with aphasia who are confident about using transport demonstrate to people who are not confident, how, with support and encouragement, travelling and getting about is possible.

The working groups are producing ways for other user-led groups in the community to design and carry out these activities, in this case with people with aphasia at the fore.

This project is an example of how people with aphasia can be involved in meaningful activity which is designed and developed by themselves, not by health professionals. Participants gain greater self confidence and self-esteem.

'Drop-in, it's great - not like hospital. Not like other places, it's informal. People know what it (aphasia) is like'

Getting together at the Connect drop-in for people with aphasia

Contact person: Alan Hewitt

Who is involved: Alan Hewitt, Sally McVicker, Helen Mann, Carole Pound

Date: 25 May 2007

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Connect-ed Aphasia News

Alan Hewitt who is leading the Connect-ed project

It's for people with aphasia, by people with aphasia.

Print your own copy or listen

Issue 4 July 2009

Connect-ed Aphasia News Issue 4 July 2009 (1075 kb)

Audio July 2009

Issue 3 April 2009

Connect-ed Aphasia News Issue 3 April 2009 (790 kb)

Audio April 2009

Issue 2 Dec 2008

Connect-ed Aphasia News Issue 2 December 2008 (2878 kb)

Audio 2 December 2008

Jim and Sonia at Connect's drop in