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Making Everyone Welcome

Each person with aphasia experiences it differently – some people cannot speak at all, others can use only a few words or even noises.  Many people with aphasia find they can no longer comprehend numbers, others can no longer read.  Holding a conversation, answering the phone, watching the news or listening to the radio – such everyday activities suddenly become a source of profound frustration and anxiety both for the person with aphasia and for their families and friends.

As time goes on people with aphasia tend to retreat into themselves, rapidly losing confidence, self-esteem, autonomy and independence.  They can become isolated and socially excluded.

Everyone who comes to Connect notices how we make every person with aphasia very welcome at our London Centre in Southwark

Most people living with aphasia who come here have been feeling isolated, lacking in confidence and worn out from struggling with impaired communication.  Often they've been in hospital for a long period of time, and have frequently had frustrating and upsetting experiences within clinical settings.

Whether it's through offering a friendly cup of tea in our café area, or providing ready access to writing materials to aid communication (such as flipcharts and pens), small things can make a huge, immediate and positive difference to people living with aphasia.  Our café and reception area needs to be kept communicatively and physically accessible (many people with aphasia also have physical disabilities).

These areas provide important space for people with aphasia to meet each other and begin to reconnect with life, forging new friendships and support networks.  Connect offers activities such as open days and conversation groups to support people living with aphasia to develop their communication skills and explore ways to deal with living with communication disability.

People coming to Connect can also improve their stress management techniques, increase conversation skills and build their confidence dramatically.

Your donation can help Connect support others whose lives have been turned upside down by aphasia - every pound you give helps us to keep on working.

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