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Meet people living with aphasia

Colin Green

Before his stroke in October 2003, Colin was a BAFTA award winning film editor. His work, which included BBC1's Spooks, took up much of his time and he travelled extensively around the world on location. In his spare time he enjoyed golf, swimming and travelling with the family.

Whilst, Colin has some physical disability, Colin tells us that losing his speech was the worst thing about his stroke and he often finds this frustrating.  However, Colin is a great example of how a person with severe aphasia can still communicate effectively. He is very imaginative in his use of gesture, mime, writing, drawing and facial expression together with a few single words and has a very special way of getting his message across. He now comes to Connect regularly, attending our music conversation group. Colin's wicked sense of humour and his eclectic taste in music make him a lively participant. He enjoys colouring the discussion and challenging other people's views.

Colin is also learning how to train conversation partners who work with people with aphasia – these include physiotherapists, nurses, healthcare assistants and speech therapy assistants who come for training at Connect. He will give people feedback on how effective they are at communicating with people with aphasia and make suggestions as to how they can improve their communication.

In the long term, Colin hopes to return to work in the media, though not necessarily as a film editor. In the meantime, when he is not attending conversation groups or physiotherapy, he enjoys playing golf, socialising and trying to keep track of his teenage daughters!

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Colin takes part in a drama workshop at the Connect Access to the Arts day in July 2006.