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Meet people living with aphasia

Arthur Jaffee

Arthur Jaffee lives in London with his wife Susan and has been coming to Connect since 2001.  He had his stroke in June 2000, as a highly expressive person he now communicates using a great deal of mime and gesture to get his message across.  He also uses some writing, a little speech and detailed drawings.  With these skills and an extensive portfolio of documents, photographs and artefacts, Arthur shares entertaining stories of his many experiences. 

Arthur was born in America. He qualified as a lawyer in 1949 from Stanford Law School and retired in 1996.  He had also been a member of the United States National ski patrol and an active sportsman enjoying golf, swimming and soccer.  Prior to 1949, Arthur was a second lieutenant in the U.S army flying corps during the second world war, flying B-24 bombers over Europe.

As well as sharing his fascinating stories and wicked sense of humour with staff and members at Connect in both the groups and the cafe, Arthur is also one of the most valued and experienced trainers of conversation partners for people with aphasia.  Arthur trains people such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and speech and language therapy assistants to communicate effectively with people with aphasia.  Over the years Arthur has participated in many groups at Connect but he currently attends the music conversation group where he shares his opinions and knowledge about a wide range of music.  Outside of Connect, Arthur volunteers at the Old operating theatre at St Thomas' hospital near London Bridge and has also had some of his wartime memorabilia copied by the Imperial War Museum for their archives.

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