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Meet people living with aphasia

Debbie Lee

I am Debbie Lee. I live in Greenford, Middlesex – little flat. Big family – nine children – two sisters were closest.

Long time ago – first job in Bentalls, Kingston – worked there nine years.I met Tony 1981 – together till 1991 – still in my life.

Severe stroke September 1987. Nineteen years ago very very shy – no speaking out. One word – “duck”.

Improvement – little tiny improvement for me – lots of people see me – [they say] large improvement for speaking out – blossoming!

2–3 weeks intensive speech and physio and OT – Wolfson Centre. And the City Aphasic Group before Connect – April 1989 visit first time. Three buildings now – now Connect.
1989–1994 therapy – speaking out – three days a week.

1994 – C.A.S.H – small group, six people talking about different things – four and a half years.

New group – bigger group, twentyish now, different aims, topics and regular. Lots of people, some shy, some lots of talking – different type of strokes. Facilitators – me and Carole and Wendy, helping – boost for the people. Also the treasurer.

Lots of people like conversation group – comfortable, laughing and joking, friendly and warm.

1993 passed driving test after stroke – very very good. Before stroke two failed. Elated but anxious on my own driving to anywhere. Slowly getting there. In my head waitin for [planning] driving to Cornwall.
Living alone, but I visit two sisters – one sister has a stroke and aphasia – good and bad – support each other.

Ben, King Charles Spaniel – puppy to 9 ½ years old. Planning to get another one, mongrel dog and small – exercise: walking the dog!

More about Debbie

Find out more about Debbie by watching her Patient Voices video. Click on the link called "Duck".

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