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Meet people living with aphasia

Ken Bradford

I had my stroke nearly five and a half years ago – I was in hospital for five weeks and at first I couldn't walk or talk at all. I soon learnt to walk again and a lady speech therapist taught me how to talk and I now talk quite a lot!

I have always had a lot of help and support from my family and in particular from my wife.

Nearly five years ago  I started coming to Connect and they have helped me a lot and I hope that I can give something back by helping them and others like me which gives me a lot of pleasure.

At Connect I help to train others how to talk to people who have had strokes. Often they are Health Professionals who are doing courses at Connect and they practise talking to me and I can give them some feedback on how they have done. Recently there were some people on a course from the Art Gallery in Dulwich near where I live and I've been invited to go and see them down there.

I come to the Men's Group at Connect. We meet once a month for two hours to talk and listen to each other – we are all different, some talk better and some worse than others – I am about in the middle! We always have a few laughs which is important.

The Art Group is also very interesting - we go on visits to the National Portrait Gallery and Tate Modern.

Through Connect I help at the Lewisham Talking Newspapers for the Blind two days each month.

I go to the Lewisham Stroke Group on Fridays and I go to the gym whenever I can. I like going out for a pint with my wife and going out for meals.

I have always been a busy person and I think it is very important to keep doing something and not just sit all day and watch TV.

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Ken taking part in the Access to the Arts project