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Meet people living with aphasia

William A Kirk (Bill)

I was an engineer, apprenticeship 5 years, that finished then 2 years with REME (Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers). Then a production engineer doing drafting and that was for Victor Engineering Works. Afterwards I worked at Hydraulic Engineers, a position with many different roles and then production again at Morse Controls doing many different types of work. Then I was works manager at Bramah Security Equipment. A company which makes locks.

I had my stroke when I was 71 years and I'm now 75.

At Connect - I come to a conversational group. Always a different topic. Gives you a chance to have good conversation with lots of different people.

Outside Connect - gardening. I've got a big plot of land. Fish keeping: koy, carp, goldfish. I do some engineering at home, making clocks and balsa wood, very light, good for making ornaments . I use lathes (machine for cutting).

Seventeen years from 1967 – 1984 was St Peter Players. Stage Manager. Set design and building. I play golf. Usually on Mondays and Fridays in Romford.

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