Families, Stroke and Aphasia

Location: Novotel Hotel Bristol


Professor Lalit Kalra, Department of Stroke Medicine, Guy's, King's & St Thomas' School of Medicine

Providing support to relatives in the acute stages after stroke: running a relatives' support group

Mike and Sue Fisher, Somerset

Recovering from a stroke: what would have made a difference?

Gail Volney, Ward Manager, Stroke Rehab Unit, Christchurch Hospital

The challenges of working with relatives in acute care

Janet Cormack, Cornwall

The experience of having a relative who doesn't survive stroke

Professor Julia Addington-Hall, Professor of End of Life Care, University of Southampton

End of life care and stroke: what support do people with stroke and their relatives need

Dr Chris McEvitt, Senior Research Fellow, Public Health Sciences, King's College, London

An analysis of the current evidence of the effective ness of services to relatives of people with stroke

Gwen Kinght, Carole Pound and Tom Penman, Connect - the communication disability network, London

Working with relatives and children of people living with long-term disabiltiy after stroke: practical ideas and tips for offering services

Ray and Ivan Lazarus

The impact of being in a relatives' support group

The Green family, Essex

Having a parent who has a stroke

Elaine Roberts, Regional Manager, The Stroke Association

The Stroke Association's Family Support Service

Date: 14 July 2005 for 1 day

Course reference number: CONF0705
Cost: £100 (nhs and private orgs) £60 (vol orgs)

About the course

Stroke is increasingly recognised to be a condition that affects whole families. The traumatic event of the stroke, followed in many cases by long-term disability, can have a major impact on the lifestyle, emotional well-being and confidence of relatives and friends - not just of the person who has had a stroke.

Who is the course for?

Anyone providing services to people who have had a stroke e.g.Stroke unit managers, stroke care coordinators, nurses, therapists – physiotherapists, OTs, SLTs, stroke physicians, medical consultants, family support workers, social workers, counsellors, rehabilitation assistants, care assistants

What will you get from attending the course?

More insight for professionals involved in providing stroke care about the impacts and experiences of living in a family after someone has a stroke

Practical ideas for delivering both short and long term support services and involving ‘expert relatives’ in delivering those services

Increased knowledge of the evidence base for services to relatives

Enhanced awareness of the end of life care needs for relatives of people who do not survive stroke

Other information

Times: 10.00am - 5.00pm (registration from 9.30am)


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