Working with Groups

Speakers: Tom Penman
Date: 4 November 2002 & 5 November 2002 (2 days)

Course reference number: SLT 3
Cost: £200

About the course
Group based interventions are well placed to offer longer term, cost-effective therapy options for people living with aphasia and communication disability. The issues and types of interventions offered in groupwork can both enhance individual work and provide rich opportunities for change in communication, confidence and identity. Working with groups can also pose a range of challenges for therapists and group members. Few therapists have formal training in facilitating groups and few clients come to therapy asking for group therapy interventions whose benefits seem less tangible and impairment related. This day will explore some of the principles and practices of offering effective group based therapy within current healthcare contexts. The training will cover:

  • Theories of group process and dynamics
  • Techniques for increasing conversation, initiation and participation
  • Articulating benefits, rationales and goals in group therapy
  • Starting up groups
  • Working with groups of people with severe communication disability
  • Documenting change in groupwork
  • Case examples of ‘living with aphasia’ groups

Who is the course for?

  • This course is for practising Speech and Language therapists who work with or would like to develop their skills in working with people with aphasia and other acquired communication disability. It is relevant to therapists working in acute, rehabilitation and community based settings.
  • It is also relevant to volunteers and assistants with experience of working with groups of people with aphasia.

What will you get from attending the course

  • Literature based evidence and increased confidence to argue for the benefits and effectiveness of group therapy
  • Increased understanding of group process and group dynamics
  • Practical ideas and techniques for increasing participation and interaction in groups
  • Confidence in planning, facilitating and evaluating group interventions
  • Practical ideas and activities for group based interventions which support living with communication disability
  • Confidence and motivation to develop group based interventions in your work setting

Other information

  • Course times 10.00 - 4.30 each day
  • Refreshments and lunch will be provided
  • All course materials provided


Courses hotline 020 7367 0863
Fax 020 7367 0841
Email [email protected]