Visitors Day

Speakers: Connect Therapy Team
Date: 18 November 2002

Course reference number: G1
Cost: £25

About the course
The day will introduce participants to the philosophy and practice of the Connect therapy and support programme for people living with long term aphasia. Each open day will cover an introduction to the theoretical framework underpinning Connect therapies. Participants will observe video and live sessions of therapies addressing communication access, barriers to social participation and developing new identities as people living with aphasia and disability. Participants will have the opportunity to debate current topics in aphasia management with Connect therapists, counsellors and clients. The day will also give visitors the opportunity to visit the Connect London Centre and discuss individual issues of concern with members of the Connect therapy team.

Who is the course for?
Speech and language therapists, assistants, bi-lingual co-workers, interested health and social care workers, volunteers working with people with aphasia in any setting, potential speech and language therapy students and any other interested parties

What will you get from attending the course
By the end of the open day participants will have:

  • Increased understanding of the long term impact of aphasia
  • An understanding of theoretical frameworks for delivering responsive therapy and support for people affected by aphasia and communication disability
  • Practical ideas for extending the range of interventions on offer to people living with aphasia and communication disability
  • Access to current literature, resources and ideas to support the development of new ways of working

Other information

  • Tea and coffee will be provided
  • All course materials provided
  • Course times 10.00 - 3.30


Courses hotline 020 7367 0863
Fax 020 7367 0841
Email [email protected]