Training the Trainers: Developing Conversation Partners Skills in Others

Speakers: Carole Pound and Jayne Lindsay
Date: 9 December 2002 & 10 December 2002 (2 days)

Course reference number: SLT10
Cost: £200

About the course
This two day course is for Speech and Language Therapists who wish to develop their skills in training conversation partners for people with aphasia. Conversation partner schemes are gaining in popularity as Speech and Language Therapists seek new ways of providing long-term, community-based support for people with aphasia. Drawing on the work of Aura Kagan and Jon Lyon, the course will provide participants with a grounding in the techniques of Supported Conversation. Ways of establishing conversation partner schemes will be explored, as well as the content of conversation partner training programmes. Practical means of supervising and supporting volunteer staff will be discussed. The course is also relevant to Speech and Language Therapists who would like to increase the effectiveness of their communication therapy with relatives and carers.

Who is the course for?

  • Speech and Language Therapists interested in developing their skills in training conversation partners and setting up conversation partner schemes.
  • It is also suitable for experienced Dysphasic Support Organisers and Volunteer Co-ordinators.

What will you get from attending the course
By the end of the course participants will have

  • access to current research on Supported Conversation and Conversation partner schemes
  • a grounding in Supported Conversation and be able to apply techniques to acknowledge and reveal the competence of people with aphasia
  • ideas for setting up their own Conversation partner schemes and for the content of Conversation partner training
  • insight into issues surrounding Conversation partner schemes, and have explored means of supporting volunteers and aphasic participants alike
  • ideas for developing their own training skills

Other information

  • Refreshments and lunch will be provided
  • All course materials provided
  • Course times 10.00- 4.30


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