Doing Effective Therapy: Process and Practice

Speakers: Sally Byng, Simon Horton
Date: 15 October 2002 & 16 October 2002 (2 days)

Course reference number: SLT11
Cost: £300 (including follow up day)

About the course
There is growing interest amongst therapist from all the therapy disciplines and working with all client groups in understanding more about the processes involved in the therapy that they provide. What is clear is that we have moved well beyond thinking of therapy as just the tasks, activities or events involved - it is what we do in our interactions with clients in those sessions that is as important. Many therapists comment that it is hard to evaluate their therapy without taking a closer look at what they are doing. Yet many therapists are also frustrated that there is so little vocabulary to allow description of the process of therapy in practice. This course will provide an opportunity to develop a vocabulary for describing the process of therapy, and an easy to use framework to capture the relationship between what you are building therapy on, what you actually do and why. The course is led by people who have been pioneering practical research into the process of therapy, to enable therapists to develop and modify their therapy.

Who is the course for?
The October and January dates are relevant to speech and language therapists who are interested in understanding more about the process and practice of therapy. Therapy material from a variety of clients groups and settings will be used in the practical examples. The dates in May and July are suitable for therapists from any background who are interested in understanding more about the process and practice of therapy. - e.g. physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy. It is particularly recommended for therapists from rehabilitation units to come in pairs (with a discount on your fees of £50 per person!).

What will you get from attending the course
By the end of the three days participants will:

  • Have learned about a framework for the planning and implementation of therapy
  • Have had an opportunity to apply the framework to their own therapy practice
  • Have gained a vocabulary for sharing information about doing therapy
  • Be able to identify ways of making their therapy more effective

Other information

  • Refreshments and lunch will be provided
  • All course materials provided
  • Course times 10.00- 4.30


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Fax 020 7367 0841
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