Working with people with stroke and aphasia

Location: London

Speakers: Carole Pound, Sally McVicker

Date: 7 March 2005 for 3 days

Course reference number: VOLS0305
Cost: £300

About the course

People who live with stroke and aphasia contend with numerous challenging issues. But it can also be a tough job offering therapy and support.

This three day course is about practical ways of working with people who have had a stroke or live with aphasia. We will explore why communication can break down, and how to have conversations that are interesting, therapeutic and fun. You will have the chance to watch videos and get hands on experience of working with individuals.

This course gives you the opportunity to reflect on the emotional and practical issues of life after stroke. It is designed to increase people’s competence and confidence when working with people who live with stroke and aphasia.

What people have said about this course

  • "A brilliant course. I wouldn't have missed it for the world"
  • "this course has given me a lot more knowledge of aphasia and confidence in dealing with people with any communication disability"
  • "Very friendly, very informative, thought-provoking and the experience of the tutors was invaluable"

Who is the course for?

Anyone working in medical, social and voluntary settings (including nurses, therapists, therapy assistants, doctors, volunteers, day centre and social services staff.

What will you get from attending the course?

  • A clearer understanding of the way aphasia affects a person’s communication, lifestyle and identity
  • Inspiration and ideas to use conversations creatively
  • Top tips and techniques for working with groups
  • Practical suggestions for offering emotional support to people with aphasia, their relatives and friends
  • Practical problem solving for working with people with stroke and aphasia in your setting

Other information

Refreshments and lunch provided

Times: 10.00am - 4.30pm (registration from 9.30am

All course materials provided.


About the speakers and facilitators
We have a skilled team of researchers, practitioners and people living with stroke and aphasia who contribute to Connect training events. In addition we draw on the experiences and expertise of other practitioners who know what it takes to bring about practical change for complex issues. To find out more about the speakers click here.

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