Creative Solutions for working with people with stroke and aphasia: preparing for the long term

Location: Cardiff, Wales

Speakers: Carole Pound, Tom Penman

Date: 6 January 2005 for 1 day

Course reference number: CREA0105
Cost: £120

About the course

‘For the first three years I was in a complete fog’ (stroke service user.)Therapy and rehabilitation frequently focusses on the initial stages of recovery. People live with the consequences of stroke and aphasia for many years. What challenges and obstacles do people living with stroke and aphasia face in the long term? What support and resources can they draw upon? What difference do actions and interventions in the acute setting have on long term outcomes? This course explores the long-term experience of stroke and aphasia, from the perspective of those affected. It looks at practical ways in which stroke services could be reconfigured to enable increased access to opportunity, choice, and fulfilment for both clients and their families.

Who is the course for?

Stroke teams (including stroke service coordinators, PALS representatives, GPs, consultants, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, counsellors, psychologists and nurses)

What will you get from attending the course?

  • A different view of what it means to have stroke and aphasia.
  • A fresh look at the range and scope of what your service can offer
  • Ideas for practical and affordable developments that will benefit you and your service users
  • Inspiration and ideas for offering something different
  • Support in planning and maintaining achievable change in your setting

Other information

Times: 10.00am - 4.30pm (registration from 9.30am)

Refreshments and lunch provided


About the speakers and facilitators
We have a skilled team of researchers, practitioners and people living with stroke and aphasia who contribute to Connect training events. In addition we draw on the experiences and expertise of other practitioners who know what it takes to bring about practical change for complex issues. To find out more about the speakers click here.

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