NATIONAL CONFERENCE: Learning to listen and helping to tell

Drawing upon the expertise of therapists using storytelling and narrative approaches in their practise, the conference presented a theoretical basis for this work as well as practical strategies for listening to and working with stories in educational and therapeutic contexts. The potential for these approaches to guide goal setting and develop the content of therapy were discussed, as well as the means of evaluating intervention though narratives and stories. A combination of platform presentations and workshops provided participants with a variety of opportunities to explore the role of narrative based practise in an evidence based world.

The conference was attended by 80 participatants from throughout the UK.

The speakers and workshop presenters were:
Rosanne Barrow, Trinity College Dublin
Sue Boazman, Connect, London
Louise Coigley, Emerson College, Sussex
Judy Duchan, State University of New York at Buffalo
Chris Fuller, Bag Books, London
Nicola Grove, City University, London
Gwen Knight, Connect: London
Keith Park, Sense, Greenwich & Lewisham
Susie Parr, City University, London
Melanie Peter, Suffolk College
Carole Pound, Connect, London
Annalu Waller, University of Dundee

3 February 2002