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Aphasia Power in Yorkshire

08 May 2007

People with aphasia and their family members from Speakability groups in the Yorkshire area gathered at Eggborough Power Station for a Connect-for-a-Day event called “Better Conversations”.

Connect for a Day in Yorkshire

People with aphasia and their relatives share their experiences at Eggborough Power Station

Over fifty people came to the day which focussed on ways to improve conversations. Together they shared experiences, ideas and practical tips about how to cope with living with aphasia.

One of the highlights of the day was the “Ask the Expert” panel of people with aphasia and relatives. The panel helped with their personal solutions to questions like “Should I finish his sentences for him? and “How do I get my confidence back?”

Previous “Ask the Expert” panels have provided the material for “Better Conversations", a Connect “Ideas Guide”. Find out more in publications

Carole Pound, who helped run the day, said. “When you live with aphasia it's hard to know if you are doing things in the best way possible. Coming together and sharing stories and experiences with other people in the same boat can give people a real boost. For some people it's about recognising that others share their challenges. For others it's a valuable opportunity to pick up some real-life ideas from experienced people with aphasia”.

Relatives also had an opportunity to meet together and share common problems. One relative said it was a good chance to “let off steam” and to “chat freely without feeling guilty”.

The day was supported by volunteer “communication supporters” from local speech and language therapy services and The Stroke Association.

The event was part of Connect's consultancy work and was commissioned by Peter Garside, Chair of the Harrogate Speakability group.

Connect will shortly be producing a new “Ideas Guide” called “Running events for people with aphasia” which will help stroke service providers and voluntary organisations run their own days for people with aphasia and their relatives.

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