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Connect Cornwall 'Hubs' meet Connect in London

31 July 2007

Members of the 'hubs' in Cornwall enjoyed a two day trip to Connect in London. The aim of the event was to meet people with aphasia and their relatives at Connect's London centre and to share ideas about how stroke services can be improved in Cornwall.

The two days was a huge success, helping the hubs to get to know each other better and to become more focussed on the work ahead. Pauline Needham, one of the hub members, said ' it has given me a real lift....bringing a sense of reality to what we are trying to achieve'.

The hub members listened to people with aphasia and their relatives who have been involved in some of the projects at Connect in London. For example, Sharon Smith talked of her inspiring work with the Peer Support Project and Emmanuel Godis explained about his local volunteering work in London gardens. Brian Butler talked about his experience of volunteering with 'Listening Books'.

Connect staff and hub members returned to Cornwall, exhausted but inspired and motivated to make important changes. Zoe Liverod, from Connect said 'everyone seemed to get a huge inspiration from this visit, let's keep this enthusiasm going'.

Sharon talks about her peer support project work

Sharon Smith explains how she supports people with aphasia in London through the 'Peer Support' project.

Two of the hub members

Members of the Cornwall hubs look at photos taken by the Connect photography group.

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Man at Connect event

John Hilder, one of the Cornwall hub members.