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Response to Lord Darzi's Review 'High Quality Care for All'

07 July 2008

Phyllis Campbell-McRae, Chief Executive of Connect welcomes the publication of the Darzi review.

Darzi’s report has enormous potential for improving the quality of care in the NHS for people with aphasia.   We welcome the stronger emphasis on the ‘patient experience’ and ‘quality of care and equity’. But more thought needs to be given to how the views of patients about the quality of care they receive will be gathered to ensure that the needs of the 250,000 people living with aphasia (communication disability) in the UK are met. If patient views on quality of care is to be truly accurate and authentic there needs to be proper attention paid to accessibility of information; questionnaires, written materials, and feedback mechanisms to ensure that no-one is excluded, in particular people with communication disability.

We are delighted that prominence is given to compassion and dignity. People with aphasia are often side-lined, ignored and isolated, simply because health and social care workers lack the skills or confidence to communicate effectively. We hope this new emphasis is backed up with the funds to give staff effectively in quality communication skills training. We see this as a huge opportunity for people with aphasia to receive the quality service they deserve.

NB Connect will be contributing to the implementation of ‘Healthcare for London’, a comprehensive study of health services by Lord Darzi.  At an event on 21 July 2008 Connect will be supporting people with stroke and aphasia to give their views on their experience of stroke and aphasia to feed into the process  and demonstrating best-model practice in user involvement.

Press Release Connect's view on Darzi Review 'High Quality Care for All' July 2008 (35 kb)

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