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The 'restoration' of singer/songwriter Edwyn Collins

24 July 2009

Grace Maxwell has published a moving account of how she and her young son coped when her partner, famous singer Edwyn Collins, had two brain haemorrhages. Edwyn now has aphasia.

Edwyn Collins

Edwyn Collins (right) with Harry Clarke, from Connect

Relatives of people with aphasia often say 'no-one asks about me anymore'.  It is frequently the relatives who are often in the frontline when it comes to helping people with aphasia cope. And they are suddenly thrust into a role they didn't apply for and didn't choose to do.

Grace Maxwell has published 'Falling and Laughing: The Restoration of Edwyn Collins' which tells the story of Edwyn's two brain haemorrhages from the first day she found him prostrate on the floor through the gradual journey to reconstruct his life as a singer - with aphasia. This is a refreshing, moving and often humourous account of Edwyn's positive and determined battle to reconnect with life again and many relatives of people with aphasia will relate to the rollercoaster of emotions Grace describes.

What is apparent is the couple's determination and sense of not giving up that has driven them through. Grace feels their positive outlook has contributed to Edwyn's recovery journey. He has set about reviving his passion for art and has steadfastedly taught himself to draw again. And Edwyn feels the discipline of drawing helped him gradually improve, both physically and in his speech.  'With a bit of creativeness you can find a solution', says Grace. Of course, there are off days but her suggestion is 'if you hear anything negative, don't listen'.

Grace and Edwyn are keen supporters of Connect.

You can read more in 'Falling and Laughing: The Restoration of Edwyn Collins'. Published by Ebury. Order direct from Ebury Publishing

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Edwyn Collins with partner Grace Maxwell

Grace Maxwell with Edwyn Collins