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How African drumming and drama can support people with aphasia

27 July 2009

A Connect 'Creative Arts' Day can support people with aphasia to gain confidence and have fun!

people with aphasia in drumming workshop

People with aphasia feel the rhythm in the drumming workshop

'I feel ready to try something new now' was just one of the comments made by a person with aphasia who attended the most recent 'Connect for a Day' - Creative Arts.

Over 20 people with aphasia attended a range of workshops - Art by the National Portrait Gallery and drama led by a team from the Young Vic. There was even a chance to try some African drumming.

'The aim of the day is to have fun and gain confidence. it's definitely not about being good at art!' said event organiser Wasi Daniju. So often, people with aphasia, lose the confidence to 'take part' and this can lead to isolation or depression. People today had a lot of fun - in fact, lunch was 20 minutes late because people enjoyed the drumming so much!  I think most people left with that 'feel good' factor' that could be just the step forward they need to start connecting with life again.

'The day was excellent' said one participant

The next 'Connect for a Day' is Caring and Coping - a day for relatives of people with aphasia. Find out more in events

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