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Connect at the 'hub' in Cornwall

11 May 2007

Over 20 people with aphasia and their relatives met across Cornwall at the beginning of May 2007 for the first local 'Hub' groups in Cornwall.There are three 'Hubs' in Cornwall covering North & East, Central and West Cornwall which are all part of the Access to Life in Cornwall Project. The 'Hubs' are groups of people with aphasia who meet monthly in Launceston, Kingsley Village - Fraddon and Helston to share their experiences of stroke services in their area.

The aphasia hub meet in Helston Cornwall

People with aphasia and their relatives at the Helston 'hub'.

The aim of the first few meetings is to look at what works and what has been effective and also to share some of the less helpful aspects of the stroke and aphasia 'journey'. The knowledge and experiences will be pooled so that improvements and changes to services can be suggested and trialled.

Some of the positive aspects of the stroke journeys discussed were the support they received from informal groups and from friends and family whilst some of the negative attitudes of professionals and the lack of accessible information got the thumbs down.

The knowledge from all three Hubs will be gathered together and then fed into the work that the Primary Care Trust is doing on designing a 'model stroke pathway'.

For more news about the Access to Life in Cornwall project or for information about how to get involved, please contact Sam Cleeve on 01726 858 469 or email [email protected]

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