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The Draft National Stroke Strategy - the consultation

24 September 2007

People with aphasia came together at Connect on Monday 24th September in a joint event with Speakability to feedback views and ideas about the Draft National Stroke Strategy.

Consulation event group talking

People with aphasia and volunteers at the consultation event

The consultation event was organised jointly by Connect and Speakability and funded by the Department of Health. The participants split into smaller groups and were helped by volunteer communication supporters from Connect to examine the document in detail, to gather thoughts and comments and to feed back to the group.

The day was a great chance for people with aphasia to share ideas about the document together. For some people with communication disability, written responses are hard, so it was helpful to have an alternative means to communicate thoughts and ideas.

Catriona Grant, who has aphasia and who took part in the day said it was a 'wonderful opportunity to give my thoughts to an important piece of work. Without the feedback of people with aphasia the work is useless'.

Ken, who took part in one of the groups said he wouldn't be able to feed back his thoughts without an event like this. 'this is brilliant. Writing is hard for me. And I can see my ideas (on the flipchart) and check they are right'.

People with aphasia at the consultation event

Alan Hewitt who works at Connect discussing the strategy with Connect trustee Susan Whittle. Both Alan and Susan have aphasia.

All the comments and thoughts from the day will be written up and submitted in a summary report to the Department of Health for review before the final version is published in December 2007.

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Man at Department of Health event

Sharing ideas over lunch

person with aphasia at Department of Health event

Ken 'finds reading hard'

People with aphasia talk in small groups

Small groups made discussion easier

A chance to read the document

The event was a good opportunity to see the accessible version of the stroke strategy document