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Finding out about Communication Access

13 March 2008

'Hope to see a ripple-effect, hospital-wide' said one delegate after attending one of two 'Making Communication Access a Reality' training days held this month.

Everyone knows about the practical adaptations required for people with physical disability but what are the needs of people with communication disability and how can we make practical changes to really make a difference to our service? That is what stroke service providers who met at Connect in London and in Donnybrook Hospital in Dublin found out this month at the first in a series of communication access toolkit training events.

Everyone on the training course

Delegates holding their communication access toolkits

With the help of the toolkit, delegates will be able to cascade everything they learnt on the two day event to other members of their team back in their setting. Nikki Wimborne, one of the trainers said, 'Communication access underpins authentic user involvement. This is the perfect tool for ensuring that people can not only access your service but can participate actively in decisions and choices about their care and wider service developments'.

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What people said

'I can't wait to get the message out!'

'I feel thoroughly empowered and supported'

'Excellent, useful, down-to-earth and practical'

'Easy-to-follow, organised, thoughtfully arranged'

'Clear and perfectly pitched'