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Joe Swinburn

Joe Swinburn who supported Connect by raising money with his school friends

Every year in the summer term at Dulwich College it is recommended that you organise a charitable event.  8R had won the inter-form football tournament and thought that it would be good to host a penalty shoot-out.  The form had a debate about which charity the money should be donated to and they decided not to give it to one of the bigger, well known charities.  Joe Swinburn told them about his Mum's charity, Connect.  He told the class about this charity and won the classes votes.  So the preparations began!

The penalty shoot was meant to take place on 22nd but got rained off…so on the 25th June 2007 the shoot out took place.  

By the time the shoot out had arrived we had already raised about £150 from 'busking'.  We went around asking teachers and pupils if they had any spare change.  Some teachers gave generously and without counting I reckon we got about £150.  When the penalty shoot out began about 20 people were there.  By the end, there were about 50. At 50p a penalty with some people taking two, I estimate we got about £30.  All in all we got £183 and 19 euros(some in notes!).  The winners of the penalty shoot out were Joe Swinburn, Charlie Barthorp and George Cowen.  These three then had to fight it out in a sudden death final – George won, with Charlie and Joe coming joint second.  This meant that Charlie and Joe got haribos and George won a £30 football donated by Capstick Sports and Josh Vallace (the joint organiser of the penalty shoot out competition).  All the money will be donated to Connect.  We would like to thank Mr Martin, our 8R teacher and the rest of 8R who helped organise and carryout the penalty shootout.

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