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Peer-led conversation groups

We offer a range of conversation groups at Connect. Unlike traditional therapy or support groups, they are led by trained volunteers with aphasia and supported by volunteers without aphasia.

Groups are open to anyone with aphasia, regardless of the severity of the aphasia.

Sometimes conversation groups have a topic, such as music. Sometimes the diverse conversation topics are decided by members - the best restaurants with disabled access; deep sea diving, local history, for example.

People trade skills and resources, make friends, support each other and encourage socialising. Above all, the groups offer confidence and the reassurance that others in the group understand their aphasia.

Conversation groups are offered in Cornwall and London. Contact us

Pauline's view

'I like coming here because we are all the same. When I go out with 'normal' people it is hard work - I try hard to be normal on their terms. But here, I don't pretend. I can be myself'. Pauline Needham, Group facilitator with aphasia

'I know now that I am not alone'