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a) The Stroke and Aphasia Handbook (new edition)

An essential tool to support people with stroke and aphasia in asking questions, having discussions and conversations, and making choices and decisions.

Easy-to-understand information on all aspects of life following stroke - from the early days to picking up the threads months and even years after the event. Developed in direct response to the experiences and needs of people living with stroke and aphasia and validated by people who have first-hand experience of stroke and aphasia, as well as medical and social services experts. Beautifully designed with dividers, communication cards, straightforward text, signposts to further help and information, helpful illustrations, a glossary and a quick-look guide to making communication easier.

Sample pages: Download (652KB)

The Stroke and Aphasia Handbook is by every bed at Christchurch Hospital Stroke Unit.

“I thought at the beginning that this was the end, until I read this book”, person with stroke and aphasia at Belfast City Hospital.

"in the six days since she has had this book, she has changed more than in the last year – it's a life line", Sarah, relative of a person with aphasia who bought The Stroke and Aphasia Handbook.

"Looks professional and clear - so nice to show patients and relatives", Stroke Unit Manager

"Useful for relatives. Encourages them to ask further questions", Ward Manager

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