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c) Caring and Coping

Advice, tips and guidance for relatives and friends caring for a person with aphasia

This new Ideas Guide gives relatives and friends ideas and inspirations to help people living with aphasia deal with emotions. Researched and designed by our family support worker Gwen Knight, with the advice of people with aphasia and relatives at Connect, Caring and Coping gives you: Ideas about how to deal with change and looking to the future. Sensible, reassuring suggestions for how to cope and to manage difficult emotions.

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"Made us feel we were not alone"

"Practical and to the point. It is informative about financial and emotional matters for the carer, giving you a list of options when in despair...Caring and Coping should be read by every relative of a person who has aphasia... and read out to the person who has aphasia!"

Jenny McHattie, relative of a person with aphasia.

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