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Raising awareness

People with aphasia and their carers need access to appropriate, effective long-term support. MPs and decision-makers need to understand the devastating impact of aphasia and the challenges of getting back to life again. We need them to represent people with aphasia in Parliament and to support the recommendations of the National Stroke Strategy.

But we need your help too. Here's what you can do:

  • Contact your MP and ask him or her to champion the rights of people with aphasia
  • Ask¬†Parliamentary candidates to support people with aphasia and to endorse the Life After Stroke recommendations of the National Stroke Strategy.

Not sure who your MP is? To find out visit Write to Them

Our Manifesto

We need Members of Parliament and decision-makers to put in place policies and legislation which support people living with aphasia to reconnect with life.

With a general election taking place this spring, we will be working hard to make sure that whichever political party forms a government in 2010 they continue to support and fund the implementation of the National Stroke Strategy. This is one of our 'calls to action' in our manifesto which will be sent to all candidates.

You can download our manifesto below.

Connect's manifesto 2010 (285 kb)